My name is OliVibez and I'm a Music Producer from Los Angeles, California, US.

As a musician growing up in rock bands, I've managed to learn the arts of Mixing & Mastering and helping Artists reach their true potential by achieving the sound they hear in their mind.

My mission is to offer high quality music production services to artist worldwide, and to bring a skill set into the music industry that has never been seen before.

The instrumentals at are produced with a lot of experience in beat making. You get a professional sound in all price ranges. You can lease beats or buy exclusive beats.

Having a professional sound is crucial nowadays because most record labels and A&R people won’t even listen to more than 10 seconds of the song, unless it has a professional quality sound to it.

If you want to blow up as an artist in the music industry then you need the highest quality backing tracks to make you stand out from other artists. Most beat selling websites sell imitations of super producers’ instrumentals. This won’t get you anywhere, you don’t want to sound like a copy cat do you? As an up and coming hip hop artist, you need an original beat to go with your original lyrics.

Feel free to contact us, if you have any questions!